Measure Of Energy

Our solution is based on the DaVinci quote,
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Measure Of Energy
By amigodata

Our model measures a DC’s total energy consumption divided by Terabytes stored, then further breaks it down  on a per sq. ft. basis. Using this model allows for true comparative data points from one DC to another on energy use and efficiency and includes “ALL ENERGY USED”, without making the math overly complex.

Total Watts Consumed / Total Terabytes

Counting all energy used within the DC provides us with the real metric, all counted devices included.

  • If any device has files stored on it but is turned off sitting in a cold state, it is counted.
  • If any device is powered on and used to maintain, store or transfer data, it is counted.
  • All cooling systems, servers, virtual machines, plus any and all facility electricity or any system that requires power that is located at the DC location, is included.

    Simply put, if power is used in anywhere on the DC property it is included in our calculation, since it is a part of the facility used to maintain a record.

    The metric is easy to decipher. The higher the number that’s created by the DC,  the more it pollutes. When the number is reduced, savings as a percentage are easy to recognize.

    We measure at the device/rack/row and facility levels, and we use the following assumptions to  determine how much power is being consumed by each of the 3 IT sections in a DC:

    Cooling = 45%
    Storage = 30%
    Servers and other IT = 25%

“The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) estimates that data centers currently consume up to 3% of all global electricity production in 2020 and will potentially grow to 20% by 2030.”