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Data Center Power Usage

Data centers (DCs) worldwide consume a huge amount  of energy, and their usage increases year-over-year. Some factors involved in energy usage are its location, when built, type of equipment, facilities purpose, i.e. (Level I, II, III or IV), and  size. The ability of each  DC to upgrade to more efficient systems is based on those factors.  Not all DCs are equal, nor are their operating budgets.

What DCs have in common is the great amount of power they consume. However, there is always room for efficiency upgrades in all of them, if the desire and financial ability exist. And of course, not only does this help the environment, it can also represent huge cost savings for the DC.

Energy Efficiency

Data Centers Waste A Lot Of Energy

If just half of the savings potential from adopting energy efficiency best practices were realized, data centers could slash their electricity use by as much as 50%. This represents a savings of $3.8 billion and 39 billion kilowatt-hours, in the U.S. alone, equivalent to the annual electricity use of all the households in the state of Michigan.

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